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hello - The day and life of Abby!

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February 15th, 2004

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05:20 pm - hello
Hey everyone. How are you all doing today? Well, if you ask me how I am, then I will tell you that I am so bored and so tired and lonely. wow i didnt know I could change the color of this font. wow this is so wickid awesome! so yeah... last night was Valentines Day and I spent it with my 2 best friends. Jessica and Melissa and Jessica's 2 little sisters Sara and Emiliee. It was so much fun. I really like those kids. Haha. so yeah,... we played hide and go seek in the dark in their house and that was fun. we also played Balderdash and Scatagories. Those games are so much fun. So yeah. I took Melissa home today before 10 because Jessica and her family had to go somewhere, so we left. Once I got home, i crashed on my bed because I was so tired. i took like 2 naps today, and i have taken so many naps this weekend. Yeah.. so anyway, i dont know what else to say but I have to get up at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning to go swimming! Yes it is going to suck. okay well, im out. leave a comment if you love me. :)

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