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YAY! - The day and life of Abby!

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November 17th, 2003

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04:48 pm - YAY!

What kind of band geek are you?

hahah wow i guess that is soo true huh? yeah Marching band is so where it's at! I love the section i am in. My bestest friends are in it and yeah... WE LOVE TODD! is the best! oh yea-yer. Okay, anyway, enough wit silly band stuff... Saturday volleyball has sections. we got 2nd place. Everyone was sooo mad! I wish we won! We are still going to Nor* Cals though so i guess its cool.. we lost to Saint Francis.. dumb bitches.. they can go away and never come back! Hahaha... OOOO on Thursday night I am leaving for Washington D.C. yeah im sooo excited! yep yep! TOMORROW the new blink-182 cd comes out and im way way stoked! when i get this, i will have all 7 of their cds.. yep yep! Im soo in love with them. you should see my room.. and for those of you who have.... youre cool.. yeah isnt it the coolest? oh yea yer! anyway, i dont know what else to so but that it's a "tit bit nippley" in my house! yep yep! okay well, leave me a comment if you are cool! byebye!

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