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oh my! - The day and life of Abby!

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October 12th, 2003

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09:30 am - oh my!
Hey! Its been such a long time since i have updated this thing! wow it has! the last entry was from September 28 and now its October 12! haha just wow! well, what has happened since? umm Homecoming was like last week and that was an interesting expierence. i had a volleyball tournament about 3 hours away in San Jose that day so as soon as the tournament was over, my dad had to race me back to my house for me to get ready. i got home around 8:15 pm. i jumped out of the car even before my dad stopped it, raced into the house, said hi to my mom and jumped into the shower. omg i took the quickets shower in the whole entire world omg. haha... well, yeah i got out.. got on some clothes, did my hair, put on make up, put on my dress.. put on a bunch of jewlery and stuff and then left my house at 8:50 and got to the dance at 9:00pm to meet my date Erik there. wow. i dont even get dressed for school in that amount of time. That was so amazing to me! hahaha anyway... yeah i got to the dance and i saw a lot of people i knew outside but i didnt see erik.. i gave up so i went to the teachers at the front and asked if they knew who erik was.. they said yes and said he already went into the dance... so i was like okay.. so i went into the cafeteria and i found him in line for pictures with his sister. i jump in line with them and then we got out pictures taken. the pose is soo cute. im so excited. During the time i was getting my pictures taken, i saw craig and candace and they asked me if i wanted to be in a group pic with them so i said okay and i was in their group pic.. i felt bad because i asked erik to wait for me.. but he left me and went into the dance.. i had to find him so yeah... i found him.. danced with him and then i found other people to dance with. he doesnt like to fast dance with anyone so im like uhhhhh but anyway... yeah... so anyway.. i found my clarineters and hung out with them.. we decided we were gonna take a group pic with the 5 of us to hang in out cabinet so we took a pic.. its soo cute.. so then right after that pic.. there was another group pic that we were all in.. omg it was soo cute. LOL. i think i was in the cafeteria most of the night or taking pictures.. okay so then i saw my friend Kyle and we had a blast dancing and stuff.. LOL.. anyway... then the night was over and we all went to Dennys. i didnt really feel like going but they all wanted me to so i went.. then cristina and her date showed up so they took me home. i got home, got online and went to bed. i was so tired. anyway... then a whole week passed... i had a volleyball game on wednesday against ponderosa.. i started but i played like crap so i didnt play again. oh well.. i think it was because andrew was there and i was so nervous or whatever. oh well. i could care less. i hate volleyball. right now im in santa barbara with my family and my grandparents. yesterday i had to get up at 7:00am to go take the stupid SAT's. omg they were so hard. i dont think i even did well on them. i came back to their house, had lunch, then went shopping at American Eagle with my grandma and got cool clothes. then came back and walked down to the beach, had dinner, then walked all the way back.. i got on the computer and then we had to go downstairs and have a family get together drinking coffee and eating chocholate... then i came back up to my grandpas office, got on the computer and talked to people, went to bed. woke up, took a shower.. ate breakfast,. packed and now im on here waiting to go shopping again and then were going home.. its gonna such a looong drive and i have so much homework! gaaaa... but yea... im gonna go. leave me a comment if youre cool like that!

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