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September 20th, 2003

09:24 pm - what a day
hey everyone. I havent updated this thing in a whole week! I guess thats the normal update time for me. Hahaha.. well, let me tell you whats been going on last week... (if i can remember)

Umm i remember that this was the longest week ever! It went by sooo slow! It took forever and a year. Thats what it seemed like. Monday was just like any other day, i went to school, went to volleyball, came home and did homework. Just like every other day of the week. I cant rember if anything happened though.. Tuesday was just like any other day also. Band usually has band practice Tuesday night but our band teacher couldnt be there so it was cancelled. It was excited because i would have to be at school for a long time. so after volleyball i came home and did my homework. Wednesday i had D-back and i took a test in my history class and i got a 93% on it but since i did so bad the first time, the best grade i could get was a 80% but that was all i needed to bring my grade from a C to an A- so i was happy... then i went to my math class to try to do better on my math tests but i didnt do any better so it sucked... we had a game on wednesday agaisnt El Dorado and I actually played! yes! we won in 4 games which we should have won in 3 but i dont know why we did so bad. But it was cool... Thursday we went to the library in spanish class and i hung out with Craig, Jeff and Mike. it was fun. Im doing my spanish project on Evita. Should be pretty cool i guess. I had a 3 hour volleyball practice and it wasnt fun. i played like shit. ya it sucked. Friday i was so tired and not in a very good mad but in spanish class, Craig made it all better! He always makes my day better when I see him. hes the coolest guy i have ever met! I want him to bad but he has a girlfriend who is the nicest person ever! it sux big time. anyway, Last night at the football game, it was really fun. Again, I sat next to HER, SHE and ME.. we had a ton of fun. The field show was awesome i thought. During 3rd when we have it off, i didnt really talk to anyone because i wasnt in a good mood and I was kinda upset at a couple things but it was great after the game. After the game, Candace and Craig came. Craig followed me to my house and then he took me to his friend Codys house where we were all going to meet to go bowling but when we got there, we had to listen to this long story so we eneded up not going bowling. instead we all hung out at Candaces house. it was awesome. she is the coolest.. then around 12:30 craig drove me home and then i got online.

Today i got up at 11:15ish. my dad was like "so why arent you at the car wash for band" so then i was like "oh yeah! haha i think im gonna go to it!" so i ate lunch, got on some clothes and then went over the car wash. It was soo much fun. ME and HER were there. We had water fights and ate pizza and drank soda and had a blast. I was there from about 12-5 and it was so fun. After we got done washing this huge truck, we decided to have a water fight. OUr drum major todd was there so we decided to get him wet with the soap and the hose. it was fun... so yeah.. then i came home and went to the cell phone store to see if there was a new battery for my cell phone but they guy told me to call the warenty people so i am. i dont want to call them though because i dont like talking on the phone to random people... so yeah... then we had dinner and then we watched Bringin down the house and that movie is soo sick.. tomorrow we are going to the baseball game in Oakland. It should be tight. well, i have to go do my homework. if you are cool, you will leave a message so i expect you to leave a message ME and Debbie and Cristina! have a nice day! bye dawgs!
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: summer of 79'- the ataris

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September 13th, 2003

06:29 pm - hey everyone!
Wowwerz. I dont know how long it has been since I have updated this thing but i will jus say whats up and stuff. Well, school has been really hectic and stuff. I have been doing alright in my classes, except for math. I am not good at math so it sucks for me, but amazngly I have a B-! woop! Yeah now I jus have to work on keeping that grade. Anyway, we had our first home football game last night against Folsom. We lost 20-35. Band had to be there. It was pretty fun because I was so hyper and full of energy. I sat next to ME, HER and SHE and we were one hyper bunch of girls! Haha.. anyway, the field show I thought was pretty good. We were supposed to sit in the block with our section but I didnt. i went up to the top where my friend Criag was sitting with his girlfriedn and their friends and hung out with him. His girlfriend is the nicest person i have ever met. haha yeah... Yesterday when we were going up the band room, I was walking with some people and I decided I wanted to ask someone to homecoming, so i went back to this guy in band named Michael and was like "hey michael, ya wanna go to homecoming with me?" and he was like "ooh sorry i already have a date" and then i was like "oh haha, yeah i was just asking you to see what you would say" so then I asked Matt and he was like "uhhh no" haha so then as we got to the band room, I saw this little frosh named Erik and i was like "hey erik, wanna go to homecoming with me" and he was like "sure" so Yeah I am going to HC with Erik.. hahah.. yeah.. nothing has really been happening other than that.. Oh yeah.. Andrew and I are NOT friends anymore. I do not like him one bit. as a matter of fact, i hate him with a passion! HATE HIM I TELL YOU.. HATE HIM! hahaha. Today i went to a car wash for band and it was soo much fun! Hayden and I sat at the corner and yelled "CAR WASH!" and danced around with a sign and we got so many people to go! it was awesome! Hayden even coolected 10 dollars from a little old lady stopped at a stop sign! hahaha yeah it was fun. The we had a water fight but it was soooo much fun. As soon as Todd got there, we got him wet with the buckets of soap and the hose. haha it was AWESOME! so yeah.. then i came home, took a nap, went to the Harvest Fair for Key Club and now I am home. Tomorrow I am going to the Reno Air Races with my dad, my brother and his friend Landon. Haha should be awesome since I love airplanes. yep, well I have to go now. post me a comment if youre COOL like ME, cristina and debbie!!!

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: so long astoria~ The Ataris

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September 5th, 2003

05:37 pm - wow!
I guess it has been a long time since I have updated this thing. Life Journal has changed a lot! yea its awesome.. well, theres nothing much to say right now cause ive been going to school, going to volleyball, coming home, doing homework, talking to people and online and then going to bed... yea same shit every night.. nothing new or special. tonight im going to a football game at my school.. it's a scrimage and it should be fun... im going wit my friend ME and our friend Jessica.... should be fun i guess... Melissa and Jessica will prolly have their fun together and then i will be all alone. oh well, i shall see what happens. yea anyway, i g2g. i dont have anything to say so im gonna go. i have a volleyball tournament at Oak Ridge tomorrow... i dont think its gonna be cool cause i wont play so yea... g2g! leave a comment if youre cool like that!

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August 31st, 2003

04:57 pm - Damn....
One word... DAMN! I really know I shouldnt be stressin' over this guy but DAMN i am in love with him. He is such a jerk and DAMN! I dont know what to do. I keep telling myself I'm over him but I'm not! i dont know what to do! ahhh!! Anyway, on to something nicer...

Yesterday I went to the state fair with my family. I dont know if i updated yesterday or what but yeah. I went to the fair with my family. I spent some time with my dad at the horse races. I picked number 3 to win and guess what... it won THREE TIMES IN A ROW! haha oh yes.. we won 36 dollars! haha oh yeah! anyway, after we saw my horse win 3 times in a row, we went and looked around in the shops. I got a chocolate covered cheese cake with nuts. OMG it was so good! Then i got a soft frozed lemondade thing. Haha I ate so much yesterday. We found my mom, brother and his friend then we went over and watched motocross. They were so good. We got their autographs. Then we went to the livestalk. They had little baby pigglets that were jus born like 2 days ago. They were so small. I got my bestest friend ME a present from the fair. I cannot say what because its a present! Haha.. then we drove home and we went to this good Mexican restaurant thing in Folsom. Then i drove home. Before we went home, we stopped at Hollywood video so my brother could get a game, came home and that is where i have been ever since. I have been so bored today. Ive been sitting on my butt doing my homework and I tried on all my pants.. i have soo many pairs. I had a shit load of homework and it's finally done! yes! Now im watching Even Stevens and waiting for dinner to be ready. Well, yeah i dont really have anything else to say cept there is no school tomorrow but there is the labor day parade that I have to march in. i get to see all my friends from Ponderosa so its gonna be all good. I also get to go to Jessicas house after wards, and then to volleyball.. it should be a good day. well, yeah.. g2g.. leave a comment if youre COOL!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Cory talking on BOY MEETS WORLD

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August 29th, 2003

06:07 pm - tired......
Hey. It's Friday and I survied the second week of school. It was eh. Just like the 1st week of school. I dont like school. It can kiss my butt. In band today ME had her pictures and I immideatly grabbed them and looked at them. They were oh so awesome. I freaked out when I saw them. I went inside and showed Cristina and she was so rude. She was like "Oh so youre talking to me again? Hello good morning, good bye" and I'm like WTF? I have been talking to her. I mean I've said hi to her when I've seen her. I guess she is probably mad that during band I was singing a song with Melissa and she came up to me and said hey to me and I didnt say hey back to her cause I was singing. You know what? I'm sorry if you got mad at me for "not talking to you" Thats not true because I have been talking to you. When have I not talked to you? I havent talked to you online because i have been busy with my homework and I havent been able to talk online and at school I have been hanging out with Jose and during band I like to hang out with my people, just like you like to hang out with your people. Im sorry if that made you mad. I was never mad at you, and I dont understand why you are so mad at me.
ANYWAY! on to something different... I have been hanging out with Jose for the past few days. He's the coolest kid. Hahah... yeah.. I have had volleyball scrimages and i have been swamped with homework, so that's why i havent updated this thing in a long time. Thank goodness it's a 3 day weekend!! I took a math test yesterday and I got it back today and I missed 3!! yay!! ME got 100%. im so proud of her! So yeah.. today at schoool I saw Andrew and we actually talked for the first time at school today! woah! thats AMAZING! haha.. yeah.. today i stayed after school till about 4:15 because i didnt want to go home and ME, Courtney, Alex, Michael, Bret, Jeff, Brennan, and Andrew were all there after school so I wanted to chill wit some of them for a little bit. ME was in the library working on her history report so Courtney and I walked around the school and saw Jeff, Bret and Andrew run by me and dammmmmmmmmn did they look hot or what! haha Andrew hella did. He was wearing a tight muscle shirt and... ooooh need I say more? it was so nice! haha.. ANYWAY.. yeah... Courtney and I talked with Alex and Brennan before they had to go and run. I took Michael's hat and wore it, until he noticed it. Haha.. he got so mad. Courtney and I went to the stadium and watched the football players practice. It wasnt cool because none of our players are hot. I prefer some of the soccer players and well, basektball players too. HAHA.. anyway, yeah.. courtney and I came back to the weight room area and we raced Michael and Alex in sprints. I won because I got a head start. Hahah but I bet if i didnt get a head start, i wouldnt have won. I didnt have shoes on so it really hurt my feet. Andrew came out of the locker room and there was this cheerleader who I think he likes out there so he went and hung out with her. I was jealous because she can get like any guy she wants and it makes me so mad. grrrrrr... anyway, after Courtney left, I talked with Alex and Michael for a little bit, then i left and came home. Now Im at home and I watched some TV and feel asleep. I am listening to some music and updatin this thing. On Monday i have to go to this stupid ass parade in Diamond Springs for labor day. I'm not looking forward to it. It's going to be hot and not cool. The only cool thing about it is im gonna be with ME, Jessica, Zabrina and Julie and they make me happy while in band. They are my girls! hahaha... anyway, my dad is calling me now so i have to go and eat some pizza. Leave a comment if youre cool! have a great day!
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: rock show~ blink-182

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August 25th, 2003

08:47 pm - oh baby!
Cristina jus made me this totally awesome icon for me with a picture of my sexy man Mark Hoppus on it with his sexy pink guitar! Damn hes so hot. Haha anyway, yeah school was school today. In band we marched outside as usual and it was hotter than a mother out there. My pits were all sweaty.. but they are always sweaty cause I sweat so much. It's embarassing. Anyway, we had our memorizartion test and i think i got an A because well, i know all of it. haha. after band, it was the nutrition break thing. I walked around by myself and then i found Hilary and stood with her up by the library. Then it was spanish time. I went to spanish and sat in my seat and didnt talk to anyone or do anything. I wasnt in the mood for spanish, so i didnt do anything in spanish. I didnt want to talk to Jeff cause I think he was mad at me for something but I dont know what, but then I eventually had to talk to him because we had to do a group activity where we had to translate this stupid book into english and hes in my group. OMG he's so funny.. i would mess up and he would be like "geeze abby! get it right!" then make this really funny face. haha hes soo funny.. there is a kif in my class who sits next to me and his name is Michael but his spanish name is Miguel because hes stupid and cant think of a name so, Jeff and I decided that we are going to call him Manga which means "hot girl" hahaha it was so funny because Jeff was translating and then it was Mike's turn and then he was like "GO MANGA!" and then Mike looked at Jeff and was like "im not reading now since you called me Manga" but he ended up reading anyway. Hahaha... yeah it was funny.. Spanish class is fun because of Jeff and Craig. (Enano and Dogo) yep.. then it was history. we watched the end of the movie 1776 and then has a discussion. Not fun.. but the class went by fast and then it was lunch...

At lunch, i went to Cristina's spot with her friends and the 2 people who she doesnt like right now where there so i had to get to the cafeteia as fast as I could to tell her not to go back to her stuff.. and when i was in there, guess who i saw... Andrew! He was in the line next to me and i would look at him but i wouldnt like say hi or anything cause well, i dont have to unless he does. so yeah... i went back to cristina's stuff with her and ate my salad.. then i went to ME and hung out with her for a bit, then the bell rang for 4th block. I have Advanced Algebra 2 with her so we walked together. We took notes like the whole block about these weird ass stuff that I dont get but i did my homework... wrong probably.. anyway yeah.. then school was out.. ME and I went to the band room to get stuff but it was locked, so ME and I went down to the office to ask someone to open the door, i didnt really need to drop my binder off, so I left. I had to get home cause my mom needed the car. I went home, got changed, did my homework and then left for volleyball.. i got there, hung out in the gym. Eventually Andrew and his friends came out of the locker room.. but did Andrew talk to me? Nope! hahah its all good.. i dont care.. i aint talkin to that kid till he talks to me.. so ya know.. we might never talk! its all good though.. so yeah.. now im home listening to the Ataris and talking to Kellye and updating this! Well, i better go because i have school tomorrow! Leave a comment if youre cool! I guess the only COOL person was Cristina because she was the only one who left a comment!!!! Hahaha.. and word to ME.. YOURE COOL TOO!


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Current Music: Looking back on Today~ Ataris!

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August 24th, 2003

09:30 pm - another entry
Right now it is 9:30 PM and it's Sunday night. That means there is escuela manaña. (school tomorrow) Nothing exciting has happened this weekend cept.... i slept in till 1 pm yesterday, i had the house to myself all night, talked to Andrew for the first time in days (and he talked to me first) and was bored all night because I had the house to myself, so i did my homework. I went to bed at 12:45 am and this morning I woke up at 9:30 because I couldnt sleep anymore. My mother, father and I went to pick up my brother at his friends house and then went on to Costco. I ate samples and a very messy hotdog. Yep. Then we came home, sat around on my ass and then around 6:45ish my brother and I went over to my school and ran a mile and then came home and now this is where I am. I got a phone call from my best friend ME and we talked. She's so funny. Yep yep. Well, yeah. I have to go now because it's getting late and I have school tomorrow along with volleyball. Fun stuff! haha anyway, i will catch you all later. leave a cool comment if youre cool enough too...

IN THE SUN OR UP IN THE SHADE, ON THE TOP OF MY ESCALADE! (which i dont have but i want one really bad)


have a good day!
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Current Music: tru confessions- Disney Channel

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03:47 pm - random thing
1. Your name spelled backwards.
edooG sicnarF liagibA

2. Where were your parents born?
Mom: Philippines
Dad: Sacramento CA

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
a song but i dont remember which one

4. What's your favorite restaurant?
Ummm. . . . Macaroni Grill is good

5. Last time you swam in a pool?
Last week at Melissa's house when we pretended to do Titanic!

6. Have you ever been in a school play?
yeah in elementry school

7. How many kids do you want?

8. Type of music you dislike most?
country and jazz and classical

9. Are you registered to vote?
nope. im not 18... in 2 years though

10. Do you have cable?
yeah! but we dont pay for it! we have cable interent which is HELLA sick!

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped?
yeah my cousins

12. Ever prank call anybody?
yes! haha good times!

13. Ever get a parking ticket?

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
Hell ya

15. Furthest place you ever traveled.
Hawaii, Alaska and Canada

16. Do you have a garden?
uh no

17. What's your favorite comic strip?
i dont read them so i dont know

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?
Oh yeah!!

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night?
Shower in the morning before school

20. Best movie you've seen in the past month?
Pirate of the Carribean, Freaky Friday and Sea Biscuit

21. Favorite pizza topping?

22. Chips or popcorn?

23. What color lipstick do you usually wear?
don't wear one but i wear chapstick

24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells?
WTF? umm no

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
uhh no.. i would definatly loose

26. Orange Juice or apple?

27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine?
Umm i think Renae to Mels like before school a while ago

28. Favorite type chocolate bar?
Reese's pieces, baby Rutth

29. When was the last time you voted at the polls?
i cant vote..... didnt i already answer this

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
um we dont grow tomatos

31. Have you ever won a trophy?
yeah i do every summer! im a SWIMMER!

32. Are you a good cook?
umm some stuff

33. Do you know how to pump your own gas?
Yeah, of course!

34. Ever order an article from an infomercial?

35. Sprite or 7-up?

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? how about school?
uhh only the sexy band uniforms!

37. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy?
umm.. i dont know.. i havent in a while.. and i dont buy them.. my parents do

38. Ever throw up in public?
yes in Pac Sun last December.. it was so embarassing

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love?
True love

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?
uhh... i think guys are hot at first sight but i dont believe in liking them when i first see them.. but i did freshman year.

41. Ever call a 1-900 number?

42. Can ex's be friends?
yeah... me and my ex from 8th grade are tight now.. hes a little frosh though.. hahaha

43. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital?
um... i dont know.. i dont remember.. i dont like going to the hospital

44. Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby?
i think so

45. What message is on your answering machine?
umm.. on my cell phone it's Hey this is abby. sorry i missed your call but leave a message and I'll call you back.

46. What's your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character?
MANGO!! aka. chris kattan

47. What was the name of your first pet?
umm Dojo was the first real animal i had.. but i had hermit crabs and horny toads and fish when i was little

48. What is in your purse?
a tampon. (haha) chapstick, wallet, car keys, a brush and lotion

49. Favorite thing to do before bedtime?
brush teeth, talk online, watch TV and talk on the phone with Jose

50. What is one thing you are grateful for today?
umm well, im going for a run later so that should be a good work out! hahaha

yeah.. well, sorry i dont know how to cut and paste this thing so youre going to have to deal with it. yeah well, g2g!
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: sister sister!

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August 23rd, 2003

09:35 am - damn
Well, I survived the first week of school with a few bumbs and bruises, but it's all good. Last night there was a dance and I went. It was alright. At first I went around to different groups and danced with them. Then, I found some of my friends and then we danced all night. I danced with Jeff for a slow dance. It was really funny because he is a foot taller than me so yeah. Hahah. The night was alright though. I'm so frusrated right now with boys. They are making me so mad! UGGGG.. if you wanna know, then you can jus ask me. Anyway, yeah. I have homework this weekend. Im so mad. I hate school. Well, yeah. If you wanna know whats up, then talk to me! have a good weekend!
Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: commericals on TV

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August 21st, 2003

08:16 pm - where do i begin?!
well, school started on Monday and so far, it sucks. I really dont like school. Its not the teachers, it's the people. I have no friends to hang out with at lunch. I try to hang out wit my best friend Me but she ignores me and hangs out with her other friends at lunch and so i leave, then i try to find Cristina who is wit her 3-some Jonathan and Laura and none of them like me, nor do they want me to tag along with them, so then i find Jose and try to hang out with him but I think I annoyed him so I dont want to bug him anymore and well, yeah, i dont have any friends to hang out with. Poor little loser me. I think I should jus go into a class room with no one, eat my lunch peacefully and then walk around looking like an idoit, or spend my whole lunch in the library like a friken dumbass. i dont know what to do. sometimes i jus want to skip lunch because i dont have any friends to hang out with. My so called friend andrew doesnt even talk to me anymore when i see him or whatever. I think im going to not talk to him for a few days, see what happens. If he says hi to me at school or talks to me, then I will say hi or talk back, but Im not going to go out of my way jus to see him or talk to him or whatever. I have better things to do, so yes ME and Cristina, that means ive givin up on my stalking for a while, jus so things cool down, then I will get right back on track, in a few days or weeks. LOL.. so yeah, anyway, my classes this term are
Block 1: Adv. Band ~ Ms. Headrick
Block 2: Spanish 3 ~ Sra. Mathews
Block 3: US History/Geography ~ Ms. Grijalva
Block 4: Adv. Algebra 2 ~ Mrs. Prior

My teachers are pretty awesome this year, especially Mrs. Prior and Ms. Grijalva. They are the coolest. ME is in my class for band and math! Its so totally awesome. She doesnt sit by me though. Well, she sits near me but not right next to me. I sit right next to Pam Crouch. She's really cool. In front of me are my 2 little sophomore friends Eric and Alex. I used to like Aex last year along with his twin brother Michael. They were often referred to as "The easterbunnies" haha.. so yah, spanish 3 is pretty cool cause i have the SUPER TALL KID in it. And.. he sits next to me! Its soo cool. My name is Ardilita which means "litte chipmunk" Jeff's name is "Enano" which means "midget" and that is the exact opposite of what Jeff is. Jeff is 6 foot 7! haha its really funny. The people I sit next to in Spanish are really cool. We are all friends. In history i have my friend Hilary in class with me. She sits behind me and we always work wit eachother on assignments. Yeah its cool. Well, yeah thats it about my school life. I dont really have anything to say but I made the UMHS varsity volleyball team for the 2nd year in a row! Im so stoked! Well, yeah, i better go and study up for my math quiz tomorrow! Leave a comment letting me know how school is going for you all! I'd love to hear it!! xoxox
Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: Degenerate- blink-182

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