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first entry in 6 years!!! - The day and life of Abby!

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October 2nd, 2009

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11:09 pm - first entry in 6 years!!!
Hello everyone! It has been a very long time since I have blogged in this livejournal business! WOW. Honestly, I did not know it even existed until my good friend Cristina showed it to me a few days ago, and I have been reading everything I wrote way back in the day! The last time I wrote in this thing, I think was in February of 2004- and it is now October of 2009- YIKES! Well, so much has happened in those 5 or 6 years, so I am going to just summarize all the important things that have happened between then, and now!

Ok, so let me see. I dont know where to start. I guess we can start by saying that I managed to graduate from Union Mine High School in 2005. It was a really fun time in high school. I made a lot of friends, and during my senior year, I met and fell in love with a boy named John Hopkins. He was a very special boy to me. He was my first love, my first everything. We got together on October 4, 2004 and stayed together all through my senior year. I graduated, and we enjoyed our first summer together. After high school, I started college at the University of Nevada, Reno and was on their swim team for about a year, before I decided that the girls were too bitchy, and caused too much drama, so i decided to stop swimming. That was the last time I swam. Sad. I know. I stayed with John throughout that year at UNR, and attended UNR until May of 2008, when i decided to move back home to attend Folsom Lake College. John and I stayed together until February of 2007, when he broke up with me for a freshman girl named Camille James. John was a senior in high school, and I was a sophomore in college, and he broke up with me for a 14 year old freshman girl. Why? I don't know, but I was not happy with it. During that year, I received my lifeguard certification and started working as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool and Reno. I decided to spend the summer of 2007 in Reno working at the pool I had a job at, and stayed far away from John. That was one of the best summers I had ever had. During that summer, John and his girlfriend broke up, and John and I started talking again, for the first time in 4 months. I had not talked to him since he got together with Camille, so talking to him after they broke up was really exciting. We were friends for a good amount of time, before we got back together. We got back together in February of 2008, and recently broke up in July of 2009. We are still friends and talk every day, so it is like nothing has changed. 

So yeah, I know i wrote a lot about boys, especially about Andrew, but I am no longer obsessed with him, like I used to be. I do not have a boyfriend, and the only boyfriend I have ever had is John. We were together for about 5 years- wow. as long as it has been since I have updated this thing. Our 5 year anniversary would be on Sunday, the 4th, but that is the past, and we shouldn't dwell on that. 

I currently attend Sacramento Statue University, and I am majoring in Child Development. I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher, and one day becoming a principal. I no long swim, and I have not swam since I quit at UNR in 2005, but I am still very active with the sport. I have become a lifeguard since 2007 and I recently became a swim coach from a year round swim team I used to swim for called AquaSol. I recently coached the Union Mine JV swim team the past season, and had a blast doing it. 

I am still obsessed with Mark Hoppus, but recently I have become obsessed with Hunter Parrish, and the show Weeds. Hunter Parrish plays a character in the show weeds name Silas. I moved out to attend school at the University of Nevada, Reno for 3 years. I majored in geology and decided that I was not good at the subject, thats probably why I failed out. I decided to move back home after 3 years of school in Reno, for various reasons.. one of them being John moved back home, after attending CSU Chico for a year, and was forced to move back home. I moved back home because he moved back home, and I wanted to be with him. Another reason i moved home was because I HATED Reno so much.. everything about it made me sick: the weather, the casinos, the bums, the school, the state, everything. I was surprised I lasted there for 3 years. And another reason i moved home was because I kind of failed out of school the last year I was there, because I was not interesting in being there anymore, and I was taking hard classes. Everything about Reno sucked, and I am glad I moved back home. The ONLY good thing about Reno is that I made some really good friends, who I am still friends with today. I moved back home and lived with my parents for a little over a year. The first summer I was home i worked at the UMHS pool as a lifeguard and a swim instructor. I was dating John at the time, so it was a fun summer working and hanging out with him, and my other friends. I turned 21 that summer and for my birthday, my dad got me a time share in Tahoe and I invited like 5 of my girlfriends to party, and it was a BLAST! It was definitely one of the best birthdays I have had. 

When school started in the fall of 2008, I attended Folsom Lake College. It was a fun semester, because it was a new school, and a new experience. In a way, it felt like I was in high school again because I saw a bunch of people I knew from high school, and also I was in a communications class with John. I only had classes at the El Dorado Center though, which was nice that I didn't have to go far for school. I met a lot of school people at school that year, and some of which I am still friends with today. I did a lot of snowboarding, and had a season pass to Sierra-At-Tahoe and Northstar, and went snowboarding with John and his brother a lot. This year, I got a brand new snowboard, so I hope to use it a lot this year. I need to get a pass, so hopefully I will have enough money to get one. 

Last spring I attended Folsom Lake College again, but this time I had classes at the Main Campus FLC. I took some early childhood education classes and that is when i decided I wanted to be a teacher. During that time I was employed at the Millennium Sports club in Shingle Springs and worked in the child care center, which is also where I decided I work really well with kids, and I wanted to be a teacher. School was fun that semester, and I did really well. During that spring, I helped coach the Union Mine High School swim team, which is where I first discovered I wanted to be a swim coach. That was a really fun experience, and I had so much fun with all the of the swimmers in my group. I hope to coach the swim team again this year. I just hope I have the time. 

This past summer I turned 22 and had a low key birthday. I had a dinner with my friends, and spent time with John, and my family. John took me to Tahoe for 1 night and it was a really amazing trip. This past summer was one of the best summers I have had in a long time. I went to the river a lot, and I went to Tahoe, and boating with friends, and worked and made some good money. I still lived at my parents house though, which was a bummer, but I am happy to say that I moved out at the end of summer!!! Yay!

I moved out to Cameron Park into a 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom, 2 storied with my friend Heather, and her step-brother Kendal, and Heather's two black labs, Dude and Bella, and her kitty Claire. It is a fun place to live, and I am so glad I don't have to live with my parents anymore. I really enjoy the freedom. 

This year I attend Sac State, and I am fortunate enough to only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I am very happy my classes worked out like that, because I commute to school, and the commute sucks. Some drivers should NOT be on the road. It is very frustrating how the flow of traffic decides to come to a complete stop at times, and other times, it slows down to 45mph. Clearly, people should not be driving on the road. 

Well, right now I am working as a swim coach, and lifeguarding at the pool. There isnt really much else going on. I have basically said every thing important that has been going on in my life since the last time I wrote in this. I know I have not given every single detail, because to tell you the truth 6 years is a long time ago, and I do not remember everything that happened, just the important things that I have remembered. 

Oh, as i have been reading my previous entries, I talked about swimming, and people, and boys and stuff a lot, but I am going to make things clear, and let you know what is still true, and what is not...

I no longer swim, and I no longer thing swimming is the best sport in the whole world. Yes, I love the sport or swimming, but I do not think it is the best. I wish I could still swim though, but with my busy schedule with school and coaching, i do not have the time. I am no longer obsessed or in love with any of the boys I have mentioned in previous entries. The only boy I am in love with is John. We are no longer together, but he is my best friend, and I will always love him, no matter what. Cristina is still one of my really good friends. In fact, I am at her house right now updating this. Melissa is still my best friend, and I talk to her as much as I can. She lives in Irvine, so I never get to see her, but when she is home, we hang out and it is a blast. 

Um, well, I think that pretty much covers everything that I have to tell you. If i think of something else, I will mention it in my new posts, but as for right now, I am going to start with a normal, blog. 

Tomorrow I am going to Haley Applegarth's wedding. She is a girl I have known since high school, and she is getting married to Andrew Van Horn, a boy I have known since 8th grade. It should be a very nice wedding, and I am very happy for her. Those two are so cute together, and I happy for the both of them. I hope they go a long way together, and have a fun, and fulfilling life. 

Today I went for a 30 minute run with my roommate's dogs and it was a really rewarding run. I felt so good after it, and I have felt good all day. I think I am going to start running outside with them every chance I get, because the weather has been cooling down, and it is a nice temperature to run.. Plus, I dont want to drive up to the gym when I dont have to, because my gym is in Placerville, and it take about 20 minutes to get there, so i would much rather run outside. I did some laundry, and basically sat on the computer all day, looking up research for  my paper I have to write, that is due in 2 weeks. Ick. I am so stressed about this paper, I still have a lot to do for it. Boo..

I had coaching today, and it was a lot of fun. I just love the kids I coach. They are so nice, and respectable, and they make me happy. After coaching, I went to Chili's with Cristina, her boyfriend Josh, whom she has been dating since 2004- a month after John and I got together- and Cristina's sister Danielle, and her friend Rebecca. Dinner was good, and then we walked over to Target to look for a dress for the wedding. There weren't any cute dresses worth trying on, so we decided to go to Ross. I drove Cristina down to Ross, and Josh went home. The two of us looked around at all the dresses and I found 3 that I liked, so i tried them on. Unfortunately, my shoulders are way too big, after all those years of swimming, so none of the dresses I brought into the fitting room, fit. It was an unfortunate event, so we looked out for more dresses. Luckily, in the last like 15 minutes before the store was closing, Cristina found a really cute, blue and black dress similar to the ones I had tried on earlier, and it was in a size that would fit me. I tried it on, and IT FIT, and it looked good on me too! I decided to get it, because it is one of those dresses that I can wear on another occasion, like a job interview, and it made my ass look good ;) I am excited that I found that dress, and it was $25.00 even, so it was a good deal. Now, I just need to find some cute heals, and some dangling earrings, and I am set to go!

Right now I am sitting next to Cristina updating this thing, about to sleep because we have a long day tomorrow. We are going to the mall to look for some shoes that I can hopefully wear tomorrow for the wedding. I am going to look so hot, i hope i meet a nice boy there, although I have a feeling a lot of the guys who will be there, will be boys from my graduating class, so I am not sure if that will be a good idea, although I have noticed that people change after they get out of high school, and boy do they change a LOT!

well, i think I am done writing for now.. only because my fingers are starting to cramp up, and its time for bed. 

I will write more tomorrow night after the wedding. 

Tata for now, and have a good evening. 

For those of you who read this whole thing- PROPS TO YOU!


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Date:October 3rd, 2009 07:08 am (UTC)
Hi. That's a lot of stuff but I read it all. Yay me. You're watching me type this. Bye bye! :P

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