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November 8th, 2003

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09:59 pm - wow!
OMG is has been a friken long time since i have updated this thing.. Probably in like a month! wow.. well, i dont know what to say cept that I got a D in math so my dad took my computer out of my room so that is why i havent been able to get online a lot and thats why my journal hasnt been updated in forever... so whats new with me you ask? well, there is this guy named Kyle who i am like madly in love with, but he doesnt seem to like me at all.. it makes me so sad.. i mean we talk on the phone every night like all night and he doesnt like me... he knows how much i like him and stuff but he likes this other girl... then there is this other guy named Matt Mooney who is umm... weird i guess you can say it.. i dont know if i like him but i think i am pretty sure i dont... i cant wait for volleyball to be over,. i wish i was on JV so it could be over.. last weekend we went to Pacific Grove for band and that was so much fun! whoo hoo! we left on Halloween and came back on Sunday after spending the day at the Boardwalk. Yeah it was so tight. I have lots pictures from the trip but none of which are on the computer because my dad took away everything from my computer and totally erased everthing on it. so yeah.. OH i leave for Washington DC on the 20th of November. omg I am stoked! so yeah... December 11 is a blink-182, Ataris concert at Arco arena and my dad has front row tickets to the show and dude.. hes not going to let me go because of my bad grade... he knows they are my 2 all time favorite bands and hes not letting me go.. i can jus kill him right now... well, yeah... i dont know what else to say so yeah.. i guess i will have to update this thing in another month! haha no hopefully i will tomorrow... well, leave a comment if you are COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! byebye!
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: Jackass on MTV

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