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October 2nd, 2009

11:09 pm - first entry in 6 years!!!
Hello everyone! It has been a very long time since I have blogged in this livejournal business! WOW. Honestly, I did not know it even existed until my good friend Cristina showed it to me a few days ago, and I have been reading everything I wrote way back in the day! The last time I wrote in this thing, I think was in February of 2004- and it is now October of 2009- YIKES! Well, so much has happened in those 5 or 6 years, so I am going to just summarize all the important things that have happened between then, and now!

Ok, so let me see. I dont know where to start. I guess we can start by saying that I managed to graduate from Union Mine High School in 2005. It was a really fun time in high school. I made a lot of friends, and during my senior year, I met and fell in love with a boy named John Hopkins. He was a very special boy to me. He was my first love, my first everything. We got together on October 4, 2004 and stayed together all through my senior year. I graduated, and we enjoyed our first summer together. After high school, I started college at the University of Nevada, Reno and was on their swim team for about a year, before I decided that the girls were too bitchy, and caused too much drama, so i decided to stop swimming. That was the last time I swam. Sad. I know. I stayed with John throughout that year at UNR, and attended UNR until May of 2008, when i decided to move back home to attend Folsom Lake College. John and I stayed together until February of 2007, when he broke up with me for a freshman girl named Camille James. John was a senior in high school, and I was a sophomore in college, and he broke up with me for a 14 year old freshman girl. Why? I don't know, but I was not happy with it. During that year, I received my lifeguard certification and started working as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool and Reno. I decided to spend the summer of 2007 in Reno working at the pool I had a job at, and stayed far away from John. That was one of the best summers I had ever had. During that summer, John and his girlfriend broke up, and John and I started talking again, for the first time in 4 months. I had not talked to him since he got together with Camille, so talking to him after they broke up was really exciting. We were friends for a good amount of time, before we got back together. We got back together in February of 2008, and recently broke up in July of 2009. We are still friends and talk every day, so it is like nothing has changed. 

So yeah, I know i wrote a lot about boys, especially about Andrew, but I am no longer obsessed with him, like I used to be. I do not have a boyfriend, and the only boyfriend I have ever had is John. We were together for about 5 years- wow. as long as it has been since I have updated this thing. Our 5 year anniversary would be on Sunday, the 4th, but that is the past, and we shouldn't dwell on that. 

I currently attend Sacramento Statue University, and I am majoring in Child Development. I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher, and one day becoming a principal. I no long swim, and I have not swam since I quit at UNR in 2005, but I am still very active with the sport. I have become a lifeguard since 2007 and I recently became a swim coach from a year round swim team I used to swim for called AquaSol. I recently coached the Union Mine JV swim team the past season, and had a blast doing it. 

I am still obsessed with Mark Hoppus, but recently I have become obsessed with Hunter Parrish, and the show Weeds. Hunter Parrish plays a character in the show weeds name Silas. I moved out to attend school at the University of Nevada, Reno for 3 years. I majored in geology and decided that I was not good at the subject, thats probably why I failed out. I decided to move back home after 3 years of school in Reno, for various reasons.. one of them being John moved back home, after attending CSU Chico for a year, and was forced to move back home. I moved back home because he moved back home, and I wanted to be with him. Another reason i moved home was because I HATED Reno so much.. everything about it made me sick: the weather, the casinos, the bums, the school, the state, everything. I was surprised I lasted there for 3 years. And another reason i moved home was because I kind of failed out of school the last year I was there, because I was not interesting in being there anymore, and I was taking hard classes. Everything about Reno sucked, and I am glad I moved back home. The ONLY good thing about Reno is that I made some really good friends, who I am still friends with today. I moved back home and lived with my parents for a little over a year. The first summer I was home i worked at the UMHS pool as a lifeguard and a swim instructor. I was dating John at the time, so it was a fun summer working and hanging out with him, and my other friends. I turned 21 that summer and for my birthday, my dad got me a time share in Tahoe and I invited like 5 of my girlfriends to party, and it was a BLAST! It was definitely one of the best birthdays I have had. 

When school started in the fall of 2008, I attended Folsom Lake College. It was a fun semester, because it was a new school, and a new experience. In a way, it felt like I was in high school again because I saw a bunch of people I knew from high school, and also I was in a communications class with John. I only had classes at the El Dorado Center though, which was nice that I didn't have to go far for school. I met a lot of school people at school that year, and some of which I am still friends with today. I did a lot of snowboarding, and had a season pass to Sierra-At-Tahoe and Northstar, and went snowboarding with John and his brother a lot. This year, I got a brand new snowboard, so I hope to use it a lot this year. I need to get a pass, so hopefully I will have enough money to get one. 

Last spring I attended Folsom Lake College again, but this time I had classes at the Main Campus FLC. I took some early childhood education classes and that is when i decided I wanted to be a teacher. During that time I was employed at the Millennium Sports club in Shingle Springs and worked in the child care center, which is also where I decided I work really well with kids, and I wanted to be a teacher. School was fun that semester, and I did really well. During that spring, I helped coach the Union Mine High School swim team, which is where I first discovered I wanted to be a swim coach. That was a really fun experience, and I had so much fun with all the of the swimmers in my group. I hope to coach the swim team again this year. I just hope I have the time. 

This past summer I turned 22 and had a low key birthday. I had a dinner with my friends, and spent time with John, and my family. John took me to Tahoe for 1 night and it was a really amazing trip. This past summer was one of the best summers I have had in a long time. I went to the river a lot, and I went to Tahoe, and boating with friends, and worked and made some good money. I still lived at my parents house though, which was a bummer, but I am happy to say that I moved out at the end of summer!!! Yay!

I moved out to Cameron Park into a 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom, 2 storied with my friend Heather, and her step-brother Kendal, and Heather's two black labs, Dude and Bella, and her kitty Claire. It is a fun place to live, and I am so glad I don't have to live with my parents anymore. I really enjoy the freedom. 

This year I attend Sac State, and I am fortunate enough to only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I am very happy my classes worked out like that, because I commute to school, and the commute sucks. Some drivers should NOT be on the road. It is very frustrating how the flow of traffic decides to come to a complete stop at times, and other times, it slows down to 45mph. Clearly, people should not be driving on the road. 

Well, right now I am working as a swim coach, and lifeguarding at the pool. There isnt really much else going on. I have basically said every thing important that has been going on in my life since the last time I wrote in this. I know I have not given every single detail, because to tell you the truth 6 years is a long time ago, and I do not remember everything that happened, just the important things that I have remembered. 

Oh, as i have been reading my previous entries, I talked about swimming, and people, and boys and stuff a lot, but I am going to make things clear, and let you know what is still true, and what is not...

I no longer swim, and I no longer thing swimming is the best sport in the whole world. Yes, I love the sport or swimming, but I do not think it is the best. I wish I could still swim though, but with my busy schedule with school and coaching, i do not have the time. I am no longer obsessed or in love with any of the boys I have mentioned in previous entries. The only boy I am in love with is John. We are no longer together, but he is my best friend, and I will always love him, no matter what. Cristina is still one of my really good friends. In fact, I am at her house right now updating this. Melissa is still my best friend, and I talk to her as much as I can. She lives in Irvine, so I never get to see her, but when she is home, we hang out and it is a blast. 

Um, well, I think that pretty much covers everything that I have to tell you. If i think of something else, I will mention it in my new posts, but as for right now, I am going to start with a normal, blog. 

Tomorrow I am going to Haley Applegarth's wedding. She is a girl I have known since high school, and she is getting married to Andrew Van Horn, a boy I have known since 8th grade. It should be a very nice wedding, and I am very happy for her. Those two are so cute together, and I happy for the both of them. I hope they go a long way together, and have a fun, and fulfilling life. 

Today I went for a 30 minute run with my roommate's dogs and it was a really rewarding run. I felt so good after it, and I have felt good all day. I think I am going to start running outside with them every chance I get, because the weather has been cooling down, and it is a nice temperature to run.. Plus, I dont want to drive up to the gym when I dont have to, because my gym is in Placerville, and it take about 20 minutes to get there, so i would much rather run outside. I did some laundry, and basically sat on the computer all day, looking up research for  my paper I have to write, that is due in 2 weeks. Ick. I am so stressed about this paper, I still have a lot to do for it. Boo..

I had coaching today, and it was a lot of fun. I just love the kids I coach. They are so nice, and respectable, and they make me happy. After coaching, I went to Chili's with Cristina, her boyfriend Josh, whom she has been dating since 2004- a month after John and I got together- and Cristina's sister Danielle, and her friend Rebecca. Dinner was good, and then we walked over to Target to look for a dress for the wedding. There weren't any cute dresses worth trying on, so we decided to go to Ross. I drove Cristina down to Ross, and Josh went home. The two of us looked around at all the dresses and I found 3 that I liked, so i tried them on. Unfortunately, my shoulders are way too big, after all those years of swimming, so none of the dresses I brought into the fitting room, fit. It was an unfortunate event, so we looked out for more dresses. Luckily, in the last like 15 minutes before the store was closing, Cristina found a really cute, blue and black dress similar to the ones I had tried on earlier, and it was in a size that would fit me. I tried it on, and IT FIT, and it looked good on me too! I decided to get it, because it is one of those dresses that I can wear on another occasion, like a job interview, and it made my ass look good ;) I am excited that I found that dress, and it was $25.00 even, so it was a good deal. Now, I just need to find some cute heals, and some dangling earrings, and I am set to go!

Right now I am sitting next to Cristina updating this thing, about to sleep because we have a long day tomorrow. We are going to the mall to look for some shoes that I can hopefully wear tomorrow for the wedding. I am going to look so hot, i hope i meet a nice boy there, although I have a feeling a lot of the guys who will be there, will be boys from my graduating class, so I am not sure if that will be a good idea, although I have noticed that people change after they get out of high school, and boy do they change a LOT!

well, i think I am done writing for now.. only because my fingers are starting to cramp up, and its time for bed. 

I will write more tomorrow night after the wedding. 

Tata for now, and have a good evening. 

For those of you who read this whole thing- PROPS TO YOU!


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February 15th, 2004

05:20 pm - hello
Hey everyone. How are you all doing today? Well, if you ask me how I am, then I will tell you that I am so bored and so tired and lonely. wow i didnt know I could change the color of this font. wow this is so wickid awesome! so yeah... last night was Valentines Day and I spent it with my 2 best friends. Jessica and Melissa and Jessica's 2 little sisters Sara and Emiliee. It was so much fun. I really like those kids. Haha. so yeah,... we played hide and go seek in the dark in their house and that was fun. we also played Balderdash and Scatagories. Those games are so much fun. So yeah. I took Melissa home today before 10 because Jessica and her family had to go somewhere, so we left. Once I got home, i crashed on my bed because I was so tired. i took like 2 naps today, and i have taken so many naps this weekend. Yeah.. so anyway, i dont know what else to say but I have to get up at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning to go swimming! Yes it is going to suck. okay well, im out. leave a comment if you love me. :)

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February 8th, 2004

02:35 pm - holy shit i am so so mad

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR okay i had so much stuff written in this and then something happened to it, and now it is all gone. i dont even know what happened to it. i am so mad. okay, well, i dont know how much i want to write now so i am going to write as much as i want.

It has been 2 months since i have updated this thing. wow it has been a while. so yeah... i dont know what to say.. most of you are probaly like "so whats new" and im like HHAHA THATS FUNNY! NOTHING IS NEW CAUSE IM A BORING LOSER IN LIFE! so yeha... well, last night i went to a mormon dance and man oh man that was awesome. mormon boys are HOT HOT HOT!!!! yeah they are!! hahaha anyway, yeah... well, i think its awesome that i have gone to every single home and away basketball game (in the area) for boys basketball.. i guess that means I am a die-hard fan, if i go to their games, just to see them lose. it is so sad this year I tell you. i dont know what got into them. I think they need to have Andrew Battenberg sit the bench cause well, he sucks. who gives a shit if hes the coaches kid. that is the ONLY reason he is playing. hahaha wow. you can tell i dont like him. so yeah.. i dont know what else to say.. oh wait yeah i do.. well, as you know. (well, most of you do) Sadies is coming up in like a month, and I really want to go, well, i have been rejected 4 times. yep 4 times. I asked my friend Chris Easter, who is a frosh in college at UC Davis, and he said no. So then I asked his little brother Alex, and he said maybe, which in my opinion, is a no, so then I asked his twin brother Michael, and he told me no. haha yeah its sad how i went through all the kids in the Easter family. lol.. so then i asked my friend Charlie, and he said no because he doesnt want to go unless the girl he likes asks him.. which i dont think she will because her parents wont let her go. so yeah.. thats life I guess. I really need a break from school and boys. They are so friken stupid. School makes me so mad because Im so stressed out right now. I have hard classes, like chemistry and i am so lost in that class. i dont even know what to do. anyway, yeah. just thought I would like to say that. I am not in band anymore so i kinda miss that. i wish i was though cause im in spanish 4 instead of it, and wow that class is 1) boring and 2) hard. hahah so yeah.. i dont knwo what to do. school swimming startred last week, but we havnt been able to swim in the pool because of the stupid bathrooms. since the bathrooms arent done, the health department wont let us swim. i mean why do we need the bathrooms anyway? we have the locker room which isnt even far at all. i swear, stupid people these days. hahaha so yeah.. well, i dont know what else to say right now, but that I am tired, hungry, and bored. i think i will wash my car, make brownies and maybe stop by Melissas house, just to see what is up... okay, well, I am leaving it at this. have a good one. leave a comment if you want!!


  1. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
    ummm, well, the most daring thing I have ever done was sneak out of my house… twice both in the middle of the night, while my parents were home, both sleeping and both times to hang out with guys….

2. What one thing would you like to try that your mother/friend/significant other would never approve of?
I want to get my eye brow pierced, but my parents wouldn’t really like that, so I think I am going to have to wait until I am old enough to do it on my own

3. On a scale of 1-10, what's your risk factor? (1=never take risks, 10=it's a lifestyle)
my risk factor is 9-10. I mean I have done some pretty risky things in my life, but I guess you have to do at least some risks when you’re a teenager, right?


4. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you as a result of being bold/risky?
 Umm… okay last night I was at a Mormon dance and there was this really hot guy there who I wanted to dance with, and since it was ladies choice, I decided I would go up to him and ask him to dance, and he said yes, so we danced and I was happy… wow Mormon boys are SO hot!

5. ... and what's the worst?
Well, I have been rejected a lot this year. I guess I had the courage to ask a few people to Sadies, and they have all said no, so I guess that could be the worse.. and after I snuck out of my house to do stuff with some guys, we don’t talk anymore, so that I guess is bad. I don’t know.. I don’t want to talk about it. It makes me sad.

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02:34 pm

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December 14th, 2003

01:16 pm - wow!
hey hey Hey! its been a really long time since I have updated this thing. I dont even remember the last time i did. so yeah, i am going to update this thing right now... sooo... oooooooo i went to a blink-182 concert on the 11th and I was like 2nd row and I was freakin out! I yelled I LOVE YOU MARK HOPPUS! and he looked at me and smiled and was like AWWWW and then i nearly about fainted cause i love him so much. i wish i had a camera though because i was soooooooooo close to Mark.. omg ahhh!!! But that was the 3rd blink-182 concert i have gone too and every concert i have been on the floor close to my baby, but this was the first time i was actually right up close to him! oh man! so yeah.. the concert was awesome and i dont know what else to say about it but that i love Mark Hoppus. but yeah.... nothing really has been going on in life as of right now but school is almost out for x-mas break so that means NO MORE MATH!!!!! yay! i really dont like math one bit so im glad that im gonna be done with it for the rest of the year! the only bad thing about that is that im not going to be in Alex's class anymore and I love Alex. but yeah... oh and were not going to Hawaii this yr for the first time in like 5 years so that means we get to have a christmas tree and spend christmas in Placerville.. but yea.. i dont know what else to say so im gonna go now. leave me a comment since i havent gotten any in a long time!!! byebye!
* i * luv * mark * hoppus *
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November 29th, 2003

05:05 pm - what a week
Hey! Well, It's been a while since I have updated this thing.. well, let's start with last week...

The whole week was good... I dont remember anything that really happened except that on Tuesday i went to percussion practice and on Thursday I went to percussion practice also, and then I left for Washington DC that night. It was soo much fun. anyway, yeah... i was in DC from Friday-Monday night.. On Friday we got to DC at 7:45 am ish their time for 4:45 am in the morning here.. i was so tired. we got to the hotel and then had a huge breakfast. then we went back up to the room and took a long nap.. then i got a phone call from my bestest friends when they were at school... so yeah.. then my dads friend from Maryland came up with his wife and 2 kids, William who was 6 and Ellen who was 3.. they were soo cute.. we went out to dinner, and then we hung out in the hotel room.. the next morning we went to the White House and then to the Smisonian and then we went out for a nice dinner with everyone. I met family members i didnt even know I had.. get this.. I have a black cousin and I didnt even know! wow! anyway yeah.. then we went back up to our room and i called my friend Alex and talked to him for a long long time.. it was soo awesome...and then we went to to bed... the next morning we got up and went to Arlington Cemetry which is in Virginia.. i didnt stay there for very long because one of my bestest friends Megan who lives in Virginia came up for the day and hung out with me! it was the best! we went out to lunch at "Rudy Tuesdays" which was a really awesome restaurant in this huge 4-sroty mall in Pentagon city.. then we shopped around a little, took pictures and then she took me back to my hotel... so yeah.. it was really fun... On Monday we got up really early and went to this huge library thing and then we went to the capitol, and then to the buliding of congress and then we went home.. we had to ride the METRO which is like the BART in the bay area, excpet the METRO is all under ground so it was so awesome.. anyway we got home late Monday night around 11:45 our time so about 2:45 am their time, so it was really tiering.. I got up the next morning for school 5:50 cause I thought i had percussion practice, but it turns out, they didnt need me there for it so I was so pissed i got up that early to go to school.. anyway, so yeah... i wasnt at school for very long because I had to leave to go to volleyball... i missed a math test and I took a history test and failed it because i didnt learn anything that was on the test, but the teacher still made me take it.. luckily i can re-take it.. anyway so yeah... we had volleyball Tuesday night like 2 hours away, and we lost. it was so embarassing how bad we lost. 10-25, 15-25 and 21-25.. it was soo bad, but im so glad its over because now i get to swim and swimming is the best.. I started Year round swimming on Wednesday and OMG is it hard? wow! yeah i almost died.. and then it was Thursday, which was Thanskgiving.. no family came up for it but my mom worked and my dad had to cook everything.. my dad is a really good cook so our dinner was really good.. after we eat, we always go either to Wal Mart or K-mart. We tried wal mart but it was closed so we ended up going to k-mart.. i got binder paper, white out, pencils and an umbrella... it was cool.. then we went to the movies and we saw "The Haunted Mansion" and it was really awesome.. then we came home, at pie and ice cream and then i got online and did nothing.. oh yeah, i worked on my math.. then came Friday... the only thing i did was go to "Elf" with my dad and brother, worked on my math and finished it all and then went to swim practice, and then came home and talked online till about 12:45 in the morning.. then went to bed...

Today i woke up around 11:15.. omg i was soo tired and it felt soo good to wake up that late.. as usual, i turned on the computer to see who was on and no one was on, so i lyed down on the couch and watched TV.. i watched this special on John Wlash and how his child got obducted and killed.. rather sad.. so then i got back online and talked a few people, ate a sandwhich, then took a bath... got dressed, did my hair, came back into the computer room, watched more TV, chatted with more people. I was soo bored i even rearranged the pictures on my door. i took some down because they were so old, then i added some new ones, then came and watched more TV.. and now im online with nothing to do. I should be working on my 8 page history paper, but im too damn lazy to do anything about it. so yeah.. my brother is gone at his friends house so its nice and quiet here.. im soo glad hes gone.. now alls i need to have is my parents gone and then i will be happy.. maybe i would have some peopel over and stuff.. dunno.. anyway, so yeah.. i have updated this thing as much as i can so right now I am gonna go.. leave a comment if you want! byebye!
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November 17th, 2003

04:48 pm - YAY!

What kind of band geek are you?

hahah wow i guess that is soo true huh? yeah Marching band is so where it's at! I love the section i am in. My bestest friends are in it and yeah... WE LOVE TODD! is the best! oh yea-yer. Okay, anyway, enough wit silly band stuff... Saturday volleyball has sections. we got 2nd place. Everyone was sooo mad! I wish we won! We are still going to Nor* Cals though so i guess its cool.. we lost to Saint Francis.. dumb bitches.. they can go away and never come back! Hahaha... OOOO on Thursday night I am leaving for Washington D.C. yeah im sooo excited! yep yep! TOMORROW the new blink-182 cd comes out and im way way stoked! when i get this, i will have all 7 of their cds.. yep yep! Im soo in love with them. you should see my room.. and for those of you who have.... youre cool.. yeah isnt it the coolest? oh yea yer! anyway, i dont know what else to so but that it's a "tit bit nippley" in my house! yep yep! okay well, leave me a comment if you are cool! byebye!

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November 8th, 2003

09:59 pm - wow!
OMG is has been a friken long time since i have updated this thing.. Probably in like a month! wow.. well, i dont know what to say cept that I got a D in math so my dad took my computer out of my room so that is why i havent been able to get online a lot and thats why my journal hasnt been updated in forever... so whats new with me you ask? well, there is this guy named Kyle who i am like madly in love with, but he doesnt seem to like me at all.. it makes me so sad.. i mean we talk on the phone every night like all night and he doesnt like me... he knows how much i like him and stuff but he likes this other girl... then there is this other guy named Matt Mooney who is umm... weird i guess you can say it.. i dont know if i like him but i think i am pretty sure i dont... i cant wait for volleyball to be over,. i wish i was on JV so it could be over.. last weekend we went to Pacific Grove for band and that was so much fun! whoo hoo! we left on Halloween and came back on Sunday after spending the day at the Boardwalk. Yeah it was so tight. I have lots pictures from the trip but none of which are on the computer because my dad took away everything from my computer and totally erased everthing on it. so yeah.. OH i leave for Washington DC on the 20th of November. omg I am stoked! so yeah... December 11 is a blink-182, Ataris concert at Arco arena and my dad has front row tickets to the show and dude.. hes not going to let me go because of my bad grade... he knows they are my 2 all time favorite bands and hes not letting me go.. i can jus kill him right now... well, yeah... i dont know what else to say so yeah.. i guess i will have to update this thing in another month! haha no hopefully i will tomorrow... well, leave a comment if you are COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! byebye!
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October 12th, 2003

09:30 am - oh my!
Hey! Its been such a long time since i have updated this thing! wow it has! the last entry was from September 28 and now its October 12! haha just wow! well, what has happened since? umm Homecoming was like last week and that was an interesting expierence. i had a volleyball tournament about 3 hours away in San Jose that day so as soon as the tournament was over, my dad had to race me back to my house for me to get ready. i got home around 8:15 pm. i jumped out of the car even before my dad stopped it, raced into the house, said hi to my mom and jumped into the shower. omg i took the quickets shower in the whole entire world omg. haha... well, yeah i got out.. got on some clothes, did my hair, put on make up, put on my dress.. put on a bunch of jewlery and stuff and then left my house at 8:50 and got to the dance at 9:00pm to meet my date Erik there. wow. i dont even get dressed for school in that amount of time. That was so amazing to me! hahaha anyway... yeah i got to the dance and i saw a lot of people i knew outside but i didnt see erik.. i gave up so i went to the teachers at the front and asked if they knew who erik was.. they said yes and said he already went into the dance... so i was like okay.. so i went into the cafeteria and i found him in line for pictures with his sister. i jump in line with them and then we got out pictures taken. the pose is soo cute. im so excited. During the time i was getting my pictures taken, i saw craig and candace and they asked me if i wanted to be in a group pic with them so i said okay and i was in their group pic.. i felt bad because i asked erik to wait for me.. but he left me and went into the dance.. i had to find him so yeah... i found him.. danced with him and then i found other people to dance with. he doesnt like to fast dance with anyone so im like uhhhhh but anyway... yeah... so anyway.. i found my clarineters and hung out with them.. we decided we were gonna take a group pic with the 5 of us to hang in out cabinet so we took a pic.. its soo cute.. so then right after that pic.. there was another group pic that we were all in.. omg it was soo cute. LOL. i think i was in the cafeteria most of the night or taking pictures.. okay so then i saw my friend Kyle and we had a blast dancing and stuff.. LOL.. anyway... then the night was over and we all went to Dennys. i didnt really feel like going but they all wanted me to so i went.. then cristina and her date showed up so they took me home. i got home, got online and went to bed. i was so tired. anyway... then a whole week passed... i had a volleyball game on wednesday against ponderosa.. i started but i played like crap so i didnt play again. oh well.. i think it was because andrew was there and i was so nervous or whatever. oh well. i could care less. i hate volleyball. right now im in santa barbara with my family and my grandparents. yesterday i had to get up at 7:00am to go take the stupid SAT's. omg they were so hard. i dont think i even did well on them. i came back to their house, had lunch, then went shopping at American Eagle with my grandma and got cool clothes. then came back and walked down to the beach, had dinner, then walked all the way back.. i got on the computer and then we had to go downstairs and have a family get together drinking coffee and eating chocholate... then i came back up to my grandpas office, got on the computer and talked to people, went to bed. woke up, took a shower.. ate breakfast,. packed and now im on here waiting to go shopping again and then were going home.. its gonna such a looong drive and i have so much homework! gaaaa... but yea... im gonna go. leave me a comment if youre cool like that!

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September 28th, 2003

07:16 pm - well well
Hey everyone! It has been a while hasnt it? Well, what is new with my life? well, let's see... Homecoming is in 6 days from now and I am going with my little freshman friend Erik. haha it shall be very fun! haha... anyway... I got my wisdom teeth pulled Friday morning. My mouth hurts so bad! I want to cry right now because it hurts. Yeah. Anyway, I missed school on Friday because i went in for my surgery. I missed the notes for my math homework and now I am trying to do it and it's all review from 7th grade and now I'm in 11th grade, so I have totally forgotten everything I have learned. I got all my spanish homework done though. I had to read and translate 4 chapters in this stupid book. Omg is was such a waste of my time, but I got it al done. This weekend has been one of the worst ever i will have to say. I got a 3 day weekend cause I didnt go to school on Friday but i didnt get to do anything! I sat (well, lyed) down in my room all weekend, ate junk food (which im so sick of right now) watched TV, movies and slept. i probably took like 5 naps this whole weekend. Today i took 2. I swear its that damn Vikadin that makes me sleepy. That stuff is so gross. it makes me all numb and all dizzy and it sucks. Its supposed to be pain killers to make the pain go away but well, it doesnt exactally work! hang on, i am going to go eat some noodles (since thats all i can really eat)

okay i am back. but im on the telephone with ME.. okay now i am off the phone with ME. ME is my best friend. She's sooo extremely funnay! anyway yeah... everyone is talking about Homecoming and how much fun its going to be. I wish i could get all excited as all of yall but ya know what? I have a volleyball tournament that day so I am going to have to miss like most of it. (like the dinner part and stuff.. the best part of the night) hahah. I wish i didnt have to have a stupid volleyball tournament that day because that way i could chill wit Erik before the dance and have some fun.. like getting my hair done professionally and everything. But no.. its going to look like crapola. Oh well.. it still should be fun. but yeah... I have stictches in my mouth from the surgery and they are bugging the crap out of me. Yeah.. it sucks... i have to go to school tomorrow with poofy cheeks. Yeah its not gonna be cool. everyone is going to laugh at me and ask why my cheeks are like that... hahaha anyway, i better go.. I think im gonna go talk on the phone... leave me a comment if youre cool like that! byebye!
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